Renewable, Green or Blue Hydrogen, produced in a clean manner near the consumption site utilizing local organic waste streams and/or plastic.

The Ways2H process generates hydrogen from virtually any organic feedstock, including plastics.

2 billion tons of waste is sent to landfills per year worldwide. Without proper management, landfills contaminate the ground underneath, are reaching saturation in most regions of the world and are, like incineration plants, rejected by the public.

Our process can use the organic and plastics fraction of this waste, approximately 1.5 billion tons, to produce hydrogen. This hydrogen can come as a replacement for power plants that use fossil fuels such as oil or coal as their energy source, releasing over 10 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere per year.

The transportation sector is also a major source of CO2. Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles that run on hydrogen are the only viable solution wherever there is a need for long distance, heavy duty applications or rapid refueling: cars, trucks, industrial vehicles, trains, ships.