Strategic Partners

Ways2H Strategic Partner Program

Ways2H seeks to establish and nurture a carefully selected network of Strategic Partners for the commercial development of our solution.

Strategic Partners will be at the forefront of the business development for this exciting technology and together we will build a solid, thriving hydrogen economy to make our world a cleaner place to live in.

Meet Our Partners

Clean Green Energy Machine, Inc (C GEM)

California, USA

Clean Green Energy Machine, Inc. (C GEM) is a family-owned corporation based in Bakersfield, California.

As a Strategic Partner of Ways2H, C GEM focuses on system sales in the California Central Valley, using Municipal Solid Waste as well as biomass from the farming operations as a renewable source to produce hydrogen, a totally clean and zero-emission transportation fuel.

This solution addresses multiple California mandates, from landfill diversion to zero-emission vehicles support, while turning the Central Valley into a clean refueling hub between the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay areas.

Energy Renewed Pte, Ltd


Starting as Ha-Ce Engineering, our team has served many major clients in the Towage, Salvage and Heavy Lift Transport sector in Asia. We achieved success and built our reputation by always being eager to find new solutions and avoiding the ordinary. The need to “Renew” came with the collapse of the oil price in 2014 and the oversupply in the Offshore market.

Today the Energy Renewed team has the same goal in the new market of Renewable Energy as they did in the past: avoiding the ordinary, promote and bring new ideas and innovative technology into the market of the Energy Transition. We bring the best of a ship’s engine room on-shore to provide remote and off-grid locations with all necessary utilities.

Combining our 50+ years of experience with a new younger generation, including a seasoned marketing expert, Energy Renewed aims for a long march. We are eager to contribute and to learn, moved by the belief that a new circular economy can and will be built. With hydrogen being a game changer to a new circular economy, our challenge is to support and build up its infrastructure.

Global Technology Innovations, LLC (GTI)

California, USA

California based GTI is our strategic partner for the India market. GTI’s primary mission is to facilitate commercialization of cutting-edge technologies in the sustainable market space, such as water, energy, agriculture, and adjacent markets to support our growth initiatives. GTI provides expertise launching products, pursuit & capture of business opportunities, strategic partnerships, project execution and raising funds to monetize innovations. With their extensive worldwide network of partners, business associates and subject matter experts GTI has established a global platform to develop, validate, pilot, manufacture, market and distribute products, and execute projects, by efficiently maximizing synergies and economies of scale.

GTI’s Founder/CEO, Mr. Anil Shanbhag is passionate about combining his broad functional and general management experience in the corporate world to facilitate the growth of technology based, manufacturing-centric early stage businesses in the U.S. and abroad.

In addition to developing business opportunities for the Ways2H products in India, GTI is also engaged in identifying solution enhancements or complementary technologies to support Ways2H growth initiatives.

Jason P. Javier


Mr. Jason Javier is our strategic partner for the Philippines market assisting in business development. Mr. Javier is a professional electrical engineer with over 33 years experience in the EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management) projects for commercial, industrial - oil and gas, power and renewable energy gained from overseas and local works. He is an active renewable energy professional advocating the use of solar, wind, biogas, biomass, hybrid generator, and waste-to-hydrogen.

Local Power, LLC

Massachusetts, USA

Local Power is a Massachusetts-based company specializing in Community Choice Aggregation, a widely successful community-wide energy model used by 1500 U.S. cities serving 30 Million Americans. Local Power's founders created and led development of CCA as a climate solution across the country for the past quarter-century, transforming energy markets. Their latest model of CCA for climate mobilization, called "CCA 3.0," articulates a pathway for local energy transformation centered on microgrids and customer equity as a pathway to radical decarbonization, in which flexible energy storage plays a critical role.

Local Power has partnered with Ways2H in order to develop an ultra-sustainable, low-cost, local, renewable hydrogen solution for decarbonization of energy that also helps municipalities solve pervasive and persistent plastic waste recycling problems. "These kinds of Integrations are the essential pathways of strategic decarbonization, based upon a neighborhood based collection and sharing system. One problem helps solve another: locally sourced hydrogen will strengthen resilience at solar microgrids, providing rapid pathways for U.S. municipalities that are increasingly focused on climate mobilization."

Treasure Global Energy Investment Limited

Nigeria and West Africa

Established in 2014, Treasure Global Energy Investment Limited (TGEIL) is a customer oriented and performance driven Waste Management Company. Our mission is to provide all industrial, residential, and commercial premises in Nigeria, with a clean, healthy, aesthetically conducive environment.

Registered with several organizations in the public and private sectors of the economy, and now, as Strategic Partner of Ways2h, we will bring practical solutions to the challenges faced relative to environmental topics and in achieving developmental targets.