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H2 View: Californian waste-to-hydrogen company Ways2H has today closed an investment from Pacific6 Enterprises.

Pacific6 Enterprises Invests in Californian Waste-to-Hydrogen Company

By Molly Burgess| H2 View | October 20, 2020

A Long Beach-based social benefit investment firm, Pacific6 Enterprises supports the development of multiple projects and companies that have potential to make positive social, environmental and economic impact.

John Molina, Founding Partner of Pacific6 Enterprises, said, “Solutions to convert waste into clean energy are needed now more than ever, to address two current crises: climate change and our growing waste problem.”

“Ways2H offers an elegant solution that produces renewable hydrogen while responsibly disposing of waste and has the ability to scale. I look forward to working with the team to accelerate our vision for the future of clean energy.”

The firm’s investment will help Ways2H develop its commercial waste-to-hydrogen production facilities in Japan and California, as well as a third planned project in India.

In order to produce hydrogen from the waste, Ways2H uses a patented thermochemical process that can produce the clean fuel from municipal solid waste, wastewater sludge, plastics and/or other waste materials, without incineration.

Ways2H’s process is net-zero carbon by itself and carbon-negative when paired with carbon capture and storage.

Jean-Louis Kindler, CEO of Ways2H, added, “We are honoured to welcome Pacific6 and John Molina as a Ways2H investor and shareholder, and thank the partners for their support of our company and commercial waste-to-hydrogen facilities.”

“We look forward to working together to scale the company, build out our project pipeline, and contribute to the clean hydrogen economy.”


Written by Ways2H