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Ways2H Wins Finalist Award For The Energy Category Of Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards 2021!

World Changing Ideas Awards 2021: Energy Finalists and Honorable Mentions

By Fast Company | May 04, 2021

Solar, wind, and any other innovative ideas to create clean power (either for personal use or at a large scale) or new systems for better electricity distribution. Read about the winner, an energy company that makes a “virtual power plant” by using smart devices to shrink demand.


All solid-state batteries, Solid Power
Azure Sky Solar Farm and Storage, Enel
BlockEnergy, Emera Technologies
BlocPower, BlocPower
DC Charger Quasar, Wallbox Chargers
Eos EnergyBlock, Eos Energy Enterprises
PredictEV, Volta
Responsible Solar, First Solar
Span Smart Panel, Span.Io, MIT Sustainable Design Lab
Ways2H, Ways2H


Ecolution KWH, Ecolution KWH
EleXsys, EleXsys Energy
Smart Building Platform, GridPoint
Smart Charging Solutions, Zenobe & Supercharge
Smart Motor System, Turntide
SL-1 Thermal Energy Harvesting System, Seatrec
Zen Loop, Zen Ecosystems

Written by Ways2H