Our Solutions


Our process creates value out of waste. It is a self-sustainable thermal conversion treatment of organic waste, including plastics, which breaks down the waste matter and extracts the hydrogen they contain. Our conversion system addresses the need for decentralized clean energy production for the Energy Smart Grid as well as the growing worldwide need for a source of green, renewable hydrogen for the clean mobility applications. Since it is not incineration, our process does not create or emit hazardous chemical and, unlike conventional gasification solutions, it produces no tar.

This process was engineered, refined and enhanced over more than 15 years in Japan by Japan Blue Energy Co., Ltd.. Its intellectual property is protected by 12 different international patents and patent filings.

1. Ways2H naturally self-balances and is inherently clean:

  • Conventional gasification uses direct incineration of a fraction of the feedstock as its energy source.
  • A pollution source, like incineration
  • “Unstable Equilibrium” Need to constantly control the oxygen / feedstock ratio to avoid over- or under-heat.


2. Gasification is a well-known industrial process, abundantly and efficiently used in coal gasification, for natural gas (CH4) synthesis. Application to feedstocks such as MSW is more famous in the industry for several failures.

  • Potentially hazardous elements are vaporized and chemically degraded into inert molecules.
  • Self-balance: the process is designed so that it naturally prevents over-heating, a prominent cause of less heat causes less vaporization, leaving more fuel for heat production
  • Unlike solar/wind that works as wind blows and the sun shines, our systems produce energy 24hours and 365 days a year.


1. AGM Model 5: a mobile solution that fits into 3 stackable 20’ containers

  • Transportable.
  • 1 ton per day biomass feedstock yield 50kg hydrogen per day.
  • The equivalent of 12 full fuel cell vehicle tanks or;
  • 40kw Power Generator (with an integrated fuel cell).

AGM Model 5

2. Stationary solutions, scalable from 8 tons per day to 50 tons per day feedstock treatment capacity

  • A local, flexible, decentralized approach to waste management that equals clean energy with virtually zero emissions.
  • Small to medium size, truly decentralized solutions clean hydrogen-rich syngas with limited to no pollutants emitted.
  • Standard 25 tons per day design.
  • Systems available from 8 tons per day.