Strategic Partners

Ways2H Strategic Partner Program

Ways2H seeks to establish and nurture a carefully selected network of Strategic Partners for the commercial development of our solution.

Strategic Partners will be at the forefront of the business development for this exciting technology and together we will build a solid, thriving hydrogen economy to make our world a cleaner place to live in.

Meet Our Partners

Baltronic Sp. z.o.o.


BALTRONIC offers new technologies on the Polish market that help protect the environment.

We take care of water and air. We work with power plants, steel mills, refineries, chemical plants and wastewater treatment plants.

Clean Green Energy Machine, Inc (C GEM)

California, USA

Clean Green Energy Machine, Inc. (C GEM) is a family-owned corporation based in Bakersfield, California.

As a Strategic Partner of Ways2H, C GEM focuses on system sales in the California Central Valley, using Municipal Solid Waste as well as biomass from the farming operations as a renewable source to produce hydrogen, a totally clean and zero-emission transportation fuel.

This solution addresses multiple California mandates, from landfill diversion to zero-emission vehicles support, while turning the Central Valley into a clean refueling hub between the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay areas.

The Devonshire Group

Oregon, USA

Replacing fossil fuel, sequestering carbon, and reducing wildfire.

The mission of The Devonshire Group is to help pay the cost of forest fuel reduction by turning the fuel into revenue-generating products. Ways2H is a key contributor to this effort. Other new technologies and new use cases are making fuels reduction possible. Excess forest biomass can be profitably converted to shrink-wrapped firewood; posts and poles; erosion control; community heat and power; filtration for surface runoff and sewage effluent; binding agent for asphalt and concrete; agricultural soil amendments; methane reduction & disease management feed for cattle; jet fuel……as well as hydrogen.

Both the forest biomass and the products are generally bulky and expensive to handle and transport. These costs can be controlled if several conversion plants share the same facility in the forest, with shared urban customers close at hand. To realize this cost-control model, The Devonshire Group is facilitating rapid formation of Biomass Utilization Campuses (BUCs) each with a 100-mile diameter. 70 of these localized campuses are needed to economically remediate the millions of acres of overgrown forest.

We think that Ways2H is positioned to be the anchor conversion technology in each of these 70 BUCs. The Ways2H capital investment is within reach of small communities. There is no lag time between first production and revenue. There seem to be no major hurdles to securing DEQ and other regulatory hurdles. The process can make use of any tree species – so works in any geography. The hydrogen product can be used by the small community, the Forest Service, the close by urban municipal governments, and fueling stations on the freeway.

Eco-Innovation and Investment Ltd.


We are Eco-Innovation and Investment Ltd., a company specialized in the implementation of innovative sustainable solutions using the most modern and environmentally friendly methods. The company is based in Bulgaria and we are operating on the Balkan peninsula.

Our mission is to reduce the negative impact of harmful products to our environment, enabling their efficient, sustainable and responsible use. Our goal is to optimize the use of resources in a greener, eco-friendly way.

We provide solutions to some of the most pressing global challenges and our purpose is to increase the general confidence in the eco-technologies and their positive impact for the planet.


Gesell Industries

California, USA


Gesell Industries, LLC is a California-based marketing and sales company specializing in highly engineered technology solutions for the utility and energy industries. With an eye toward sustainability, we endorse and advocate on behalf of technologies and systems that will benefit customers, the community, and planet earth with alternatives that will foster a safe, advantageous, and renewable environment.

At Gesell Industries, we rely on a background in storytelling to convey the effectiveness, efficiency and environmentally friendly aspects of our line of product offerings. As a strategic partner of Ways2H, we will leverage relationships across private and public sectors to introduce this innovative technology as a path to building sustainable energy resources and infrastructure for the future.

Global Technology Innovations, LLC (GTI)

California, USA


California based GTI is our strategic partner for the India market. GTI’s primary mission is to facilitate commercialization of cutting-edge technologies in the sustainable market space, such as water, energy, agriculture, and adjacent markets to support our growth initiatives. GTI provides expertise launching products, pursuit & capture of business opportunities, strategic partnerships, project execution and raising funds to monetize innovations. With their extensive worldwide network of partners, business associates and subject matter experts GTI has established a global platform to develop, validate, pilot, manufacture, market and distribute products, and execute projects, by efficiently maximizing synergies and economies of scale.

GTI’s Founder/CEO, Mr. Anil Shanbhag is passionate about combining his broad functional and general management experience in the corporate world to facilitate the growth of technology based, manufacturing-centric early stage businesses in the U.S. and abroad.

In addition to developing business opportunities for the Ways2H products in India, GTI is also engaged in identifying solution enhancements or complementary technologies to support Ways2H growth initiatives.




greenYng is a Spain-based company founded in 2018, with the mission to reduce the number of waste tonnes going to landfills or incinerators.

greenYng, as a company specializing in new digital technologies, has developed a global digital platform, unique in the world, that allows the recovery, mobility and traceability of the waste. The recovery of waste, an essential part of the value chain, acquires its maximum value thanks to the perfect symbiosis between Ways2H and greenYng, allowing a market that is increasingly saturated with waste and increasingly in need of clean energy to offer a new value chain that allows waste to be collected and transformed locally to give green energy value (hydrogen) to local communities.

Europe, Spain in particular, are putting in place the legal framework that conditions and forces local communities and companies to increase the percentage of waste recovered in material or energy. Working together, greenYng and Ways2H make it possible to meet these goals.


Cyprus and United Kingdom


ISA Energy Ltd is our Strategic Partner for the Eastern Mediterranean/ Middle East region, based in Cyprus.

ISA Energy Ltd is an innovative project developer, systems integrator and technology partner. They lead the design and development of projects with a broad ‘ecosystem’ and lifecycle approach; regenerating the environment and assisting communities in the Eastern Mediterranean to decarbonize and transition toward sustainable practices through innovative and novel technologies (like Ways2H) and through nature-based systems.

They approach their projects from an ecosystem approach, starting with the larger environment to understand the systems and flows, and then applying a unique holistic approach of merging sectors such as energy production with transportation, or marine applications with waste reuse, in order to minimize costs and maximize benefits to stakeholders and the environment. They prioritize nature-based technologies with minimal inputs so as to provide the most sustainable and cost-effective solutions; applying circular economy principles.

ISA Energy’s aim is for Cyprus, located at the crossroads of 3 continents, to be a proven demonstrator for projects that can be later deployed to the wider Eastern Mediterranean region and other similar climate zones such as the Middle East and North Africa.

Jason P. Javier



Mr. Jason Javier is our strategic partner for the Philippines market assisting in business development. Mr. Javier is a professional electrical engineer with over 33 years experience in the EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management) projects for commercial, industrial - oil and gas, power and renewable energy gained from overseas and local works. He is an active renewable energy professional advocating the use of solar, wind, biogas, biomass, hybrid generator, and waste-to-hydrogen.

Juraj Lopusnik



We specialize in commercial business development of sustainable solutions. Our aim is to reduce the carbon footprint in communities by implementing the right combination of our portfolio and the knowledge of the local market needs and possibilities. 

Local Power, LLC

Massachusetts, USA


Local Power is a Massachusetts-based company specializing in Community Choice Aggregation, a widely successful community-wide energy model used by 1500 U.S. cities serving 30 Million Americans. Local Power's founders created and led development of CCA as a climate solution across the country for the past quarter-century, transforming energy markets. Their latest model of CCA for climate mobilization, called "CCA 3.0," articulates a pathway for local energy transformation centered on microgrids and customer equity as a pathway to radical decarbonization, in which flexible energy storage plays a critical role.

Local Power has partnered with Ways2H in order to develop an ultra-sustainable, low-cost, local, renewable hydrogen solution for decarbonization of energy that also helps municipalities solve pervasive and persistent plastic waste recycling problems. "These kinds of Integrations are the essential pathways of strategic decarbonization, based upon a neighborhood based collection and sharing system. One problem helps solve another: locally sourced hydrogen will strengthen resilience at solar microgrids, providing rapid pathways for U.S. municipalities that are increasingly focused on climate mobilization."

MTI Tecnoimpianti s.r.l.



For more than 30 years MTI and owner, Franco Dal Ferro, represent foreign companies on the Italian market selling different type of machines for Cement and Steel plants to help increase production and reduce pollution. Decided to collaborate actively with company Ways2H strongly believing in the technology that they sell to change the waste handling and supporting the use of Hydrogen as clean energy source.

Partner Strategico italiano di Ways2H a disposizione dei clienti italiani per nuovi progetti, consulenze, richieste di studi di fattibilita per impianti Ways2H di trasformazione rifiuti urbani, plastici e ospedalieri speciali in Idrogeno per diversi utilizzi. Franco Dal Ferro ( mobile +39 335 5454410 ).

Treasure Global Energy Investment Limited

Nigeria and West Africa


Established in 2014, Treasure Global Energy Investment Limited (TGEIL) is a customer oriented and performance driven Waste Management Company. Our mission is to provide all industrial, residential, and commercial premises in Nigeria, with a clean, healthy, aesthetically conducive environment.

Registered with several organizations in the public and private sectors of the economy, and now, as Strategic Partner of Ways2h, we will bring practical solutions to the challenges faced relative to environmental topics and in achieving developmental targets.

Ferran Vidal Gibert



Ferran is very concerned with the serious defiance issues our world is facing such as waste management, the transition to a net zero emission economy, and the fight againts the climate change, among others.

He has more than 30 years of experience as a consultant and developing businesses in Spain and Mexico. He understands that only by gathering together entrepreneurs, governments and financing will we be able to fix the challenging waste management issue in a sustainable way for our planet.